Owner and CEO, Christian Emborg 

Owner and CEO, Christian Emborg

DKT was founded in 1977 by Hardy C. Hansen – a Danish entrepreneur with a strong background in Cable TV. The company started out as a Cable TV solution provider with focus on high quality and innovative solutions. This approach has followed DKT to this day, where it penetrates our own design line DKTCOMEGA as well as the brands we resell.

With a background in Cable TV the initial focus in the 1980’s was on coaxial products, where we build a broad product portfolio with the highest standards of the industry. With the development in the optical technology, DKT has put increased focus on the fibre optical product line since the 1990’s. Our main focus is on the access part of optical broadband networks, where we deliver all needed equipment including the CPE unit in the home.
DKT has its roots in Denmark but is now an international player working through distributors and partners in several countries with focus in Europe. Following several years of strong growth DKT today employs 40 people in Scandinavia with three offices in the Nordic region (Sweden and Finland) as well as 15 people in the sourcing and R&D organization in China, COMEGA Technologies.

In April 2006 DKT underwent its first generational handover, as Christian Emborg became new owner and CEO. Together with the new management team, Christian continues the support and attention to existing customers and markets, while continuing the international expansion.

In April 2007 DKT took over DANLAB electronics A/S. The acquisition was made to strengthen DKT’s position within the market for broadband equipment and will contribute to DKT’s ambitious growth strategy primarily on the export markets. With the two companies collected product range covering coaxial networks, HFC systems (Hybrid Fibre Coax and FTTX networks, we will come to stand strongly in both the Scandinavian and the European markets for these products.


DKT’s purpose
The purpose of DKT is to deliver a sophisticated line of products for broadband networks and to develop new ground breaking products with the highest quality standards. Our focus is on the fast progression from idea to design phase into the manufacturing of the final product. With our strong supply chain we react quickly to changes in customer demands, ensuring the availability of the right product at the right time. In addition to our own product lines we cooperate with a few other manufacturers, who are carefully selected for their advanced products.
The DKTCOMEGA brand – a guarantee of quality and originality
The DKTCOMEGA brand stands for more than just high quality. All DKTCOMEGA products are designed and developed by our R&D team, often in close cooperation with our customers, to ensure that product specifications are matching customers’ needs. The products are developed with increased efficiency and reduced total network costs in focus and meet the highest quality standards in the industry.


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